Welcome to Bear Foot Running

Educate the curious, shrug at the scoffers and display your barefoot runners’ attitude.

    The story of Bear Foot Running.

    I began running without shoes about ten years ago after reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall . In all that time, I have literally seen only one other bare-footer on the road. Due to our rarity, barefoot runners are subject to curiosity, odd animosity and genuine concern. In a single month, running around my own neighborhood, I had two different drivers pull over and ask me if I needed help. While I am glad to respond to people’s questions and concerns, I would rather not interrupt my run. To address the “Are you running from someone?””Are you crazy?” types, I began wearing my Barefoot Runners Society tee when I went running. That seemed to help, and I looked for other shirts I could wear, but didn’t find a lot out there. So I decided to design and print my own. Thus was born Bear Foot Running.

    I am happy to share my designs with the barefoot running world. I have chosen fabrics and styles that I think are just great for wearing while running. I hope you think so, too. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Check back for new designs and products.

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